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Image by Amadej Tauses

"To him who is thirsting,

I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely." Rev. 21:6


Fountain of Life Church is a non-denominational Spirit-filled church committed to (1) God being honored, and (2) lives being changed.

1. We honor God through our worship, through our giving, through our commitment, through the words we speak, and through the way we live our lives.

2. Our lives are changed as we humbly submit to His word and His ways, and we allow the Holy Spirit to do a work in us, from the inside out.

What to expect:

 - A church service that lasts 90 minutes on Sunday, and just over an hour on Wednesday.

 - Children's ministries available infant through 5th grade during the service.


 - Energetic and vibrant praise and worship, and a few hearty "Amens!" during the preaching of the Word.

 - A free espresso, cappuccino, latte, or regular coffee as a first-time guest with us.

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