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Essential Elements of FOLC

The Bible is our manual for life. We preach sermons that explain biblical truths in a way that is understandable and applicable to everyday life.


We open our church service by praising God through singing. Our worship is energetic and fervent, with singing, clapping, raising of hands, and shouts of praise .


Our musical instrumentation includes drums, keyboards, guitars, bass guitar, etc, in a contemporary pop-driven sound

Ministry of Helps

We believe that every Christian has a place of service in the local church, and that every believer can be an effective minister for Christ.


Believers can exercise their ministry in a church service as an usher, greeter, or children's church worker, to name a few. They also minister outside the walls of the church in nursing homes, city-wide VBS, praying for the sick, and acts of service to those in need.

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